How to save money as a student in Ulm 


In this section we have put together some information about special (student) offers, so you can make the most out of your time and money in Ulm. The corresponding Links to the websites can be found in the Links section of the website. 



Xinedome Ulm: Tickets for students: 5,50 – 6,50 €. Additional charges for long movies and 3 D. Sometimes they offer English movies as well.


Dietrich Theater:  Tickets for students:  4,40 (Tuesdays) – 7,80 €. Additional charges for long movies and 3 D. Most films are shown in English as well (on Wednesdays).



Uni Kino: Movies (not the most recent ones) are shown in the University (O 28, H22), 8 pm on selected Tuesdays (German), Wednesdays (English) and selected Thursdays (specials). Only 2 € p.P.



Theater Ulm 


Student discount: Students can purchase discounted tickets for most events. Depending on the category and type of event they range from 8,90 to 44 € (box office or online).   


„Last minute“ tickets for students: if there are still tickets available for the event 10 minutes before the start, you can get them for 6 € each.


Theater tickets @ campus: Every Tuesday you can buy tickets in the Forum of University. For selected events  they are 7 € each.


Theater Neu-Ulm


Student discount: Students can get tickets for 14 – 19 € in presale. 


Lastminute tickets:  8,50 – 11 € ( 15 mins before the event)





In and around Ulm: With your student card alone, you can travel weekdays from 6 pm and all weekend for free in the whole DING area (with semester ticket of course 24/7). Also it is possible to have a friend travelling with you for the price of a child during those times. Semester tickets are valid from April 1st until September 30th for summer and October 1st until March 31th for the winter semester.  While the semester ticket is usually the cheapest option, it is also possible to get discounted monthly tickets (Schülermonatskarte ). 



Regional day tickets (Bayern, Baden-Württemberg):  23 € + 5 € for every other traveller (max 5 person in total). Valid for one day travalling in “slow trains” and other local public transportation (Busses, Trams, Metro, RB, RE and IRE) in only one state of your choice (Bayern,  Baden-Württemberg) on weekdays from 9 am to 3 am next day, on weekends the whole day.  Night tickets are valid from 6 pm to 6 am next day (7 am on weekends) and bit cheaper. 



Travelling to Stuttgart: Our semester ticket is valid until Geislingen, which means that you only need a ticket for the Stuttgart public transportation system(VVS). It is possible to buy them online:  LINK . Group day tickets for the whole area are 19 € for 5 persons. So it will be cheaper than getting a Baden-Württemberg ticket. 


Some general information: 

There is always a good chance to save some money, if you compare prices and consider different means of transportation. 

From Ulm you can travel easily by train (from Hbf Ulm) as well as by long distance buses (from Ulm-Böfingen).

Trains are usually the faster choice, but also usually more expensive. In general bus as well as "normal" train tickets get more expensive, the closer the day of departure. So its good to plan ahead and book your tickets early. Be aware of the fact that there are "slow" (RB, RE, IRE)  and "fast" trains (ICE, EC, IC)  and some special offers might be restricted to the use of a certain type of train or a certain time of travel. 


If you are planning to travel a lot by train, you might want to consider getting a "Bahncard". There are different options to choose from, but generally you pay a fixed amount for the period of one year and the card gives you a permanent discount (25 %, 50 % or 100 %) on most kind of tickets.